-Students are required to attend all classes.

-No makeup exams will be given without evidence of acceptable reason.

-Some questions in the exams will be taken from material discussed only in class and laboratory and not covered in the textbooks or reading material.

-Students must turn off all electronic devices during the class.


-Two partial and one final examinations (100 points each)

-Laboratory work (100 points total): Laboratory reports (60 Pts.) and final practical exam (40 Pts.)

-Research project (100 points total): Letter of intent (20 Pts.), oral proposal presentation (20 Pts.), final oral report (20 Pts.), and final paper (40 Pts.)

-The final grade will be based on 500 points and using the following curve:

A = 100-89%
B = 88-78%
C = 77-65%
D = 64-55%
F = 54-0%

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