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August 17: Introduction; Chapter 1-Remote Sensing of the Environment
August 19: Introduction to ENVI
August 24: Chapter 2-Electromagnetic Radiation Principles
August 26: Lab 2-Field Radiometric Measurements
August 31: Chapters 3, 4, and 6-Aerial Photography
September 2: Lab 3-Working with Aerial Photos
September 9: Chapter 5-Elements of Visual Image Interpretation
September 10: Lab 4-Principles of Image Processing

September 14: First Partial Exam

September 16: Chapter 7-Multispectral Remote Sensing System
September 21: Lab 5-Multispectral Classification
September 25: Independent Work with Research Projects
September 28: Chapter 8-Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing
September 30: Lab 6-Processing of Infrared Images
October 5: Chapters 9 and 10-Microwave and LIDAR Remote Sensing
October 7: Lab 7-Basic SAR Processing and Analysis

October 14: Second Partial Exam

October 19 and 21: Proposal Presentations

October 26: Chapter 11-Remote Sensing of Vegetation
October 28: Lab 8-Estimation of Vegetation Indices
November 2: Chapter 12-Remote Sensing of Water
November 4: Lab 9-Processing of Ocean Color
November 9: Chapter 13-Remote Sensing the Urban Landscape
November 10: Lab 10-Introduction to ArcGIS
November 16: Chapter 14-Remote Sensing of Soils, Minerals, and Geomorphology
November 23: Lab 11-Processing of Hyperspectral Data

November 25: Practical Laboratory Exam

November 30 and December 2: Research Projects Presentations

December ? (Period of Finals Exams): Final Exam


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